TCM formula for treating male infertility,increasing the rate of sperm fertilization extending the life of sperm in the vargina

New update formula for the treatment of infertility.Stronger effect! 
Ingredients Formula:
Fallopia hypericum,tuber sees onion, Chinese Angelica,rehmannia adhesive, dodder Chinese,rubus idaeus,epimedium brevicornu, achyranthes bidentata.


Chinese medicianal capsules for the treatment of sperm and prostate.


Viagra for man:
Increase in sexual erection in male capsules.


Capsules based on natural ingredients of Chines herb ,allowing for 20 minutes to get a strong erection and duration of sexual intrecourse....


The cost:

viagra for male:

1 box(10 capsul) -45$

capsules for TCM treating male infertility:

50 capsules(1 box)- 50$

capsules for treatment of prostate:

50 capsules (1 box)-50 $

reviews customer:


Daichii S:

I drink thee mouths for this formula and now I am happy,as my spermogram has recovered,and my normal lifestyle has returned.I suffered from infertility and impotence7 years,and now Im happy,Thaks to this formula


Jon Smit

At first i thougth ,as frome the usual Viagra,my head would hurt.But: i was mistake +not only the sezual arection increased,but the sex lasted for several hours,and at the same time the head did not hurt.That's Great!!!!!!


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